AI assisted learning platform
with real-time assessment and student progress reporting

that allows for teachers to manage 10,000+ students

EVOU offers an innovative solution for grading and providing feedback to students, utilizing AI-generated marking, revision, commentary and reporting. This streamlined approach simplifies the grading process for teachers, providing real-time notifications and allowing them to focus on delivering quality education. Additionally, students can access their courses using their mobile devices, enabling a more inclusive and convenient educational experience.

What is your recent experience?

Education types in 2020 - 2022

  • In-Person

    In-person classes are regular school sessions in a classroom with a teacher, alongside fellow students, and with materials provided. The experience we once knew and loved.

  • Online

    Online classes are real-time sessions with a teacher who has hybrid classes with half of the students in class and half online. Teachers struggle to communicate between physical and online students, especially across time zones.

  • Virtual

    Virtual classes are pre-recorded sessions without immediate access to a teacher. All of the work is done with no supervision, which most of the time causes assignment delays and low-quality learning.

Our platform helps you overcome these challenges

Did you struggle with the same problems we did when studying online?

  • Outdated curriculums

    Difficult for teachers to supervise tests and for students to find materials that are used for in-person classes.

  • Hybrid classes

    Teachers have to divide their focus between 2-3 groups of students. Online and in-person + mixed grades.

  • Long response time

    For both online and virtual classes, the response time is very long because students interact with teachers via email.

  • Academic honesty

    For online students, every test is an open book test. It is practically impossible to prove academic dishonesty.

  • Time difference

    Students studying remotely in different time zones have to synchronize with online classes occurring on the other side of the planet.

  • No mobile version

    There is no mobile version for virtual classes, which limits students to a computer without any alternatives.

We are launching our online AI assisted platform for private schools

in 2023